VITCHELO Bamboo Charcoal Deodorizer Bag. Natural Odor Eliminator, Car Air Freshener, Room Freshener & Closet Deodorizer. Reusable Charcoal Odor Absorber for Home Use

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Manufacturer Description

"Finally! A Non-Toxic, Unscented, Natural Closet Air Freshener & Odor Absorber for the Home!"

If you see year-round allergies, offensive odors, and pet dander as natural enemies in the battle for breathing fresh air around the house, then consider the VITCHELO bamboo charcoal deodorizer bags as your knight in shining armor.

Natural, organic, non-toxic, chemical-free, reusable, and entirely "green", our closet deodorizer, car air fresheners have 1 ingredient: bamboo activated charcoal, packaged in a beautiful linen bag. It's like a vacuum that sucks away the icky smells that make you wrinkle your nose. Then, all that’s left is the good stuff! 

One small bag won't fix a big giant house though. Having one for each small little area helps a lot or try our 200 and 500 grams bags for more coverage. Their adsorbing property lasts for two years, and to care for it, you just need to leave it in direct sunlight for an hour, once a month. Then, after those 2 years, cut open the bag and sprinkle the activated charcoal around your garden to improve soil quality!

More Than a Closet Air Deodorizer

In addition to eliminating unwanted odors, the Vitchelo Air Deodorizer Bags can also be used as:

- REFRIGERATOR DEODORIZER to keep food fresh by absorbing moisture, bacteria & mold.
- ODOR ELIMINATOR to wicking moisture out of the air, keeping things like shoes and gym bags odor-free. 
- CAR FRESHENER to remove toxins from inside your automobile.
- HUMIDITY ABSORBER, working even when it gets wet!

Who knew that one item could be so versatile and make life cleaner, fresher, and HAPPIER in so many different ways! Once you try our travel size air freshener, you're never going back!

Start enjoying a healthier life TODAY! Get one of these drawer sachets or Gift one room deodorizer to a friend! We're sure they don’t like unwanted odors and stale air either!

Product Features

MAINTAIN A FRESH & ODOR FREE ENVIRONMENT - Through specially formulated activated charcoal, our charcoal odor eliminator bag works naturally as a moisture absorber, closet freshener, and car deodorizer to maintain a fresh & breathable environment. REUSABLE, ECONOMICAL & WORKS ANYWHERE - Toss it in your laundry, gym bag, smelly shoes, bathroom or even your car; our deodorizer bag conveniently works anywhere. It's reusable for up to 2 years & only need to be activated for 60 mins, once a month, in the sun. PREVENT MOLD, MILDEW & EXCESS MOISTURE - Without filling the environment with chemicals, our deodorizer bag easily cleans the air by absorbing airborne moisture, thereby reducing mildew formation and pollutants known to trigger allergies & other breathing conditions. GREAT FOR YOUR HOUSEHOLD PET - Simply hang one of these odor eliminator bags near your kitty box and get rid of cat litter smell and other unpleasant pet odors. Used as bathroom deodorizer, these moisture bags help to eliminate and absorb urine and fecal odor and will remove fussy damp smells as closet deodorizers, drawer freshener, or refrigerator deodorizer. GIVE CLEAN WATER - Believing in a safer outdoors for all, Vitchelo works with Agua Yaku to help bring clean water to people living in Bolivia. You help support that cause when you get our moisture control bag & we extend a 60-day warranty to your purchase because we are also very confident in the quality of our products. Get it or Gift it today! Click the "Add to Cart" button now.

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