Storage Essentials Fresh Cinnamomum Camphora Old Root Blocks Bedbug and Clothes Moths protection For Closet /Drawer/ Under-Bed Storage - 8 piece

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Manufacturer Description

Don't never really know to protect something until lose it.

When we open our closet or get out of the storage boxes, we were shocked, Our favorite clothes, precious books, calligraphy or painting, etc. were damaged by moths or other pests, This loss is not only money? some are souvenirs, How much regret and sadness...

Cinnamomun camphcra is a natural and effective product with a long history of two thousand years, used in closet or storage boxes... for repelling pests(like moths, bedbug...) and eliminating odors and mildew. Protect your clothes and valuables for a long time.

However The Old Root Blocks can emit rich fragrance which is few times times stronger than branch. and the clothes moths and bedbugs are unbearable, Most of the insect pests don't like the smell. So it can more effictive to get rid of moths and other insects, at the same time, eliminate odors, mildew, and absorb moisture, Bring the freshness of the outdoors to your Wardrobe, shoe cabinet, bookshelf, storage boxes, closets or luggage. All these will better protect your clothes and valuables.

Repels pests: Clothes Moths, moths, woodworm, spider, ant, bedbug ...

Widely used in : wardrobe & shoe cabinet & bag & bookshelf & storage boxes & luggage & closets & Under-Bed Storage organization and other storage organization.

If you are looking for a Natural and More Effictive product for your Storage organization. Now click " Add to Cart", it will be a good result. 8 Root Blocks, Each 3.5L X 1.6W X 0.5H.

Product Features

REPELLING MOTHS AND BEDBUG EFFECTIVELY: Cinnamomun camphcra has a long history of two thousand years to be used in closet or storage boxes... for repelling pests(like moths, bedbug...) and and eliminating odors and mildew. But The scent of our old roots is few times stronger than branch, So it must be more effective to repel insects and protect your clothes or treasure in your closet or storage boxes for a long storage. CHEMICAL FREE: The fresh old root themselves carry rich natural aromatic oils, only cut into blocks. It is natural, environmentally friendly and safe, alternative to chemical products. You can be sure that you get effective protection without harmful side effects and byproducts. LONG-TERM PROTECTION: Cinnamomun camphcra is an environmentally friendly and A Natural product, Long-term effective. When you find the smell is not strong enough, Roughing it up with coarse sandpaper will bring back the strong scent. Usually these blocks can protect your clothes and valuables more than ten years. REPELLING INSECT ELIMINATE ODORS, MILDEW, AND ABSORB MOISTURE: Put into your closet or storage boxes eliminate odors, mildew, and absorb moisture, it is a natural repellent against moths and some other insects. Widly use in dresser draws, storage chests, garment bags, storage containers, closets, luggage and Under-Bed Storage organization. 1- Pack, 8 Root Blocks, Each 3.5L X 1.6W X 0.5H.

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