Kenley Bamboo Drawer Divider Organizer - Set of 3 Adjustable Expandable Dividers for Kitchen Utensils & Tools, Bedroom Dresser Clothes Underwear, Bathroom - Spring Loaded Wooden Organization Inserts

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Manufacturer Description

Organize any drawer
There's a reason that the cutlery drawer is usually the best-organized drawer in any home and that reason is the dividers. Kenley bamboo drawer dividers let you instantly add removable dividers to almost any drawer. The set of three adjustable dividers is easy to install and just as easy to remove so you can adapt and adjust as your needs change. Each divider is spring-loaded with padded ends so it stays firmly in place without marking the drawer. Made from from pure, natural bamboo their elegant, modern design makes them blend well with any décor style.

Find things quickly
Save time and money by being able to find what you need when you need it. Instead of picking up another lightbulb or packet of socks 'just in case', you'll know what you've got and where it is as everything in your drawer will be easier to see. Drawer dividers prevent items shifting or toppling when the drawer is opened. Dividers also make it easier for your family to find things - and to know where to put things back. Designed for larger drawers, the Kenley bamboo drawer dividers have an adjustable length between 17-22in long and are 2.1in high and 1in wide.

Product Features

GET ORGANIZED TODAY - Imagine opening a drawer and being able to see everything in it, all of it tidy and well-organized. Kenley bamboo drawer divider lets you separate items by size, type or use so you can easily contain and arrange items. This simple trick can really help you get and stay organized. SAVE MONEY AND TIME - Every week, most of us buy something we know we have but that we can't find. Kenley drawer dividers make it easy to see what you have so you don't wast time and money running extra errands to buy things you don't need. Even better, the rest of your family will be able to find things, too! STYLISH ADDITION TO ANY ROOM - Made from pure bamboo wood with a gorgeous natural finish, these Kenley drawer dividers blend well with any d├ęcor style. From hard-working drawers in the kitchen or workshop to kids' dressers and office desks, adjustable drawer dividers are useful in every room of your home or business. MAKE YOUR JUNK DRAWER WORK - Every family has a junk drawer. If yours is a chaotic mess where stamps and lightbulbs are hidden by takeout menus and clothes, then the Kenley drawer organizers can transform it into a tidy and easy to use space. For extra large drawers, you may want more than one set of dividers. IDEAL FOR LARGE DRAWERS - Designed to work with almost any drawer, the dividers can be 17in to 22in long and are 2.1in high and 1in wide. Padded ends and tension springs keep the drawer divider firmly in place. No assembly is required and the organizers are easy to install and remove.

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