Bamboo Drawer Divider Organizer. Set of 4 - Spring loaded, Expandable, Adjustable & Stackable Dividers for kitchen, junk drawer, bedroom, bathroom, Baby or Desk Inserts

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Manufacturer Description

THE THOMAS GRACE ADJUSTABLE & STACKABLE DRAWER DIVIDER & ORGANIZER are made of 100% natural eco-friendly Bamboo.......... The Dividers are adjustable by pushing the two ends together, engaging the internal tension spring mechanism that will push against the inside of the drawer, when you release it, and hold the divider in place............ Each end of the divider has a soft grip pad that protects the inside of your drawer and also helps hold the divider in place............ A little arm strength is required to fully push the two ends of the dividers together...... PLEASE BE CAREFUL as the spring can be quite strong and can flick back to full length quite quickly! No tools are required for installation............ The MEASUREMENTS are : LENGTH ways 20.25" inches fully opened...... and 16" inches fully contracted........ Will not fit drawers smaller than 16"inches front to back.... The HEIGHT is 2.75" inches tall and will increase to 5.5" inches tall when stacked.......... When stacking them to increase their height for use in deeper drawers, use the wooden dowels include to secure one divider on top of another, while the internal tension spring mechanism keeps them in place inside the drawer.............. It is recommended that you ONLY STACK 2 DIVIDERS at a time as the design accommodates only two...... All you need to do is click the 'ADD TO CHART' button at the top of this page to have your very own Thomas Grace Homewares 100% Natural Bamboo Drawer Dividers rushed straight to your door.....

Product Features

NEW DESIGN !!.. THE FIRST & BEST 'STACTABLE' ORGANIZER PROVIDING A NEW LEVEL OF VERSATILITY. Why buy 3 different types of dividers to fit different sized draws, when you can SAVE MONEY and buy just one! Our newly designed STACKABLE dividers go from 2.75" tall to 5.5" tall instantly for use in deeper drawers. When stacking them to increase their height, use the wooden dowels to secure one divider on top of another while the tension spring mechanism keeps them in place in the drawer. FINALLY THE PERFECT SIZED DIVIDER FOR YOUR DRAWER.... Are your drawers just too small for other 17" dividers? Our Adjustable Bamboo Drawer Organizer will reduce down to and fit 16" inches drawers no problem. MEASUREMENTS are Height: 2.75", then 20.25" fully opened and 16" fully contracted. If DRAWERS ARE DEEP, our Dividers are STACKABLE!! Go from 2.75" inches tall to 5.5" inches tall instantly. This means a more versatile, stylish looking solution to your messy drawer. NO MORE FUMBLING AROUND IN YOUR DRAWER FOR a spatula or cutting your finger on a cheese grater. Does Stress and Frustration hit every time you open a drawer and see a pile of utensils, tools or odd bits and pieces that hide the item you're desperately searching for? Our drawer organizer will restore order and sanity to your everyday life, saving you time and discomfort and keep everyone calm and happy. THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING AND GIVING.... At Thomas Grace Homewares, we believe in making everyday life easier by adding quality products to your household. When you share this experience with your friends and family you will be giving a gift that creates happier families and is a stylish addition to any room. When you buy one for yourself, buy another as a gift. What could be better than that? EASY, EASY, EASY INSTALLATION.... No tools required.... 100% natural eco-friendly bamboo dividers contain a tension spring mechanism that keeps them in place. MEASUREMENTS - 20.5" fully opened and 16" fully contracted and height is 2.75". When stacking them to increase their height, use the wooden dowels to secure one divider on top of another. Height increased to 5.5" for use in deeper drawers.

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